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Blue Whales in Loreto!
10 Feb , 2024
By, Admin

Blue Whales in Loreto!

The Loreto Marine Park is visited by many species of whales all year. But the giant Blue whales are usually here in Feb or March, along with Humpback and Fin whales.  The Blue whale is the largest animal on earth, not only today but throughout history!    We can book a trip for you with one of out favorite Mexican Captains on a Super Panga.   Blue whales are found in all oceans except the Arctic. They generally migrate seasonally between summer feeding grounds and winter breeding grounds. With a mature lifespan of up to 90 years, they are amid some of the longest-lived animals on the planet. They primarily dwell alone or in small pairs, with mothers nursing their blue whale calves for up to seven months where they then are able to feed and grow on their own.

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